Choosing between Unix and Windows Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Platform - Unix vs Windows

Generally if you're not sure about which web hosting platform to use, it would be a safe bet to go with Unix Web Hosting. It is the most commonly used platform for web hosting on the Internet, regardless of which desktop operating system you are using. Many people design their web site on a Windows or Macintosh computer and publish them on the Unix Hosting platform. It provides the most cost effective, and feature rich web presence for you with the ability to add dynamic content and features to your site at a later stage

Windows Web Hosting provides a specific set of features that may be required if you are engaging the service of a web developer who is using Microsoft's technology such as ASP.NET or Microsoft SQL Database. If you are using a web developer, it is best to ask for their advice on this.

The following table outlines the major differences between the two web hosting platforms that Web Solutions offers.

W.S. Features FreeBSD Unix Web Hosting
Unix Hosting
Windows Web Hosting
Windows Hosting
Operating System FreeBSD Microsoft Windows Server
Web Server Apache Internet Information Server (IIS)
Server side processing Unix web hosting is Ideal for PHP, Perl or Python powered web sites. Runs PHP in either mod_php or CGI mode, runs CGI through suExec. Windows web hosting is ideal for ASP or ASP.NET powered web sites. Also support PHP and Perl in CGI Mode.
Database Support MySQL, PostgreSQL Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Account Access FTP, Multiple Sub-FTP Accounts, Virtual FTP, ssh*, scp*, sftp*, rsync, WebShell (Web-based File Manager) FTP, Multiple Sub-FTP Accounts, FrontPage, WebShell (Web-based file manager)
FrontPage Support Not available Fully supported
Software Support Standard unix tools, NetPBM, ImageMagick, GD, Pear, Perl Modules, etc. COM Objects, .NET Framework, ISAPI DLLs.
Email System There is no difference in email features. Email services are served by a separate server running on unix (FreeBSD) for greatest reliability and flexibility.
New York City Servers See Unix hosting packages See Windows hosting packages

*Only available on some plans.

See detailed feature by feature comparison of Windows hosting and Unix hosting

If you would like to have our advice in selecting your web hosting plan, please do not hesitate to contact our hosting consultant.