Servers and Hardware

The Data Centre

Our servers are located inside two world class data centres, managed by data centre professionals. The security system includes biometric scans, CCTV surveillance, 24x7 security guards, and full site audit log.

Our Data Centers are located in the United States and are linked to major Tier-1 Internet carriers, and providers. We have gigabit peering links to all the major ISPs. This means that your customers can reach your web site at a lightning fast speed.

Our data center is New York City.

The Networking Equipment

Our networking gear comes from Cisco and Juniper and have been set up in redundant active/standby configuration. Each server is connected to multiple redundant network switches, which in turn are connected to multiple redundant core and border routers to provide redundant connectivity all the way to the server level.

The Servers

Web Solutions utilises tier 1 equipment from Cisco, Juniper, EMC, Dell and IBM to provide our clients with the knowledge that their hosting solution is in safe hands.

Our servers are the high performance latest generation multi cpu, multi core Dell servers with ample amount of RAM and multiple high speed hot-swappable SAS drives running in RAID configurations for the ultimate in reliability. They are equipped with redundant power supplies that are connected to independent primary and redundant power feeds. The power feeds are backed up by UPS and on-site generator should the power supply from the grid be interrupted.

Should there be any hardware problems with the servers, we are covered by 24x7 warranty with 4 hour on-site technical support from the hardware manufacturer.

Some of our critical services are running on SAN storage from EMC through Fibre Channel interface for the best performance and reliability.