Web-Solutions.net Frequently Asked Questions

This knowledge base is designed to assist our current customers along with those interested in becoming part of Web Solutions! This page is divided into separate sections depending on question category. If you cannot find an answer to one of your questions, please feel free to contact us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


 Can I have shell access through SSH?
 Shell Access via SSH is available on some Unix hosting plans. Shell access to your website can be requested via the control panel. Shell access allows you to perform many maintenance and script installation tasks more easily. Basic Unix skills are
 Can I install my own CGI Scripts?
 Yes you can. We support Perl on both Unix and Windows. Furthermore on Unix we also support Python, tcl, and any other common unix interpreters. CGI scripts can be installed under /cgi-bin/ or in any other place by setting up the cgi extension
 Do you give any discounts?
 We provide progressive discounts on longer term prepayments, up to 15% on a yearly payment.
 Do you provide detailed statistics for my websites? How about raw log files?
 Detailed statistics are generated for each of your websites, which comes standard on every account. These statistics provide you with important data such as: number of visitors number of visits page views numb
 Do you support Cold Fusion?
  Web Solutions does not offer Cold Fusion on its shared hosting service. You may run ColdFusion if you use a dedicated server.
 Do you support Java, JSP, or Servlet?
 No, Web Solutions does not support java, jsp or servlet that are running on the server. Client side java applets and javascripts are fully supported because they run on the client's browser, and therefore will work with any web server, includ
 Do you support PHP 5 ?
  Web Solutions supports PHP5 as well as PHP4 on its Unix and Windows servers. The default PHP version on our Unix hosting service is now PHP5 for all the domains in your account, whereas on our Windows hosting, you can choose between the two versions fo
 How do I transfer my site from another host?
  The procedure to transfer a live site from another host depends on the complexity of your site. There are several things that we provide to make your transition easier. Please review the following steps to use as a guideline. Sign up f
 How does the multi domain hosting work?
  Multi Domain Web Hosting is our web hosting feature that allows you to have multiple web sites in one account. Unlike other web hosting services, Web Solutions's multi domain web hosting offers true separation amongst all your web sites. Each domai
 How Many Sites Do You Have On Each Server?
  The main concern behind this question is to ascertain how much the servers are loaded, and how well they will perform for your web site. It is mainly based on the assumption that the more web sites on a server, the less its performance will become. This
 I don't have a credit card, can I transfer the money to you?
  We accept BPAY as a method of payment. Most banks will allow you to make bpay paments using their online banking facility. For more information please contact your bank about how to pay your bills by BPAY. Upon sign up, you will be given a one off BPAY
 If I sign up now, can I upgrade to a higher plan later on? Is there any upgrade fees?
 You may upgrade at any time, provided that you are on the same platform. The upgrade process is quite simple and can be done by yourself through our control panel. When your account is upgraded, you will not lose any data or account settings.
 Is Web Solutions a Reseller?
 No, Web Solutions is not a reseller. Web Solutions's technical team has total control over its servers and software that is installed on the server as well as be responsible for all the security, maintenance, research and development and technical suppo
 Parking a Domain
 You can "park" or point another domain on top of your existing domain. This is also called "Domain Alias", which basically means, if you have www.domain.com You can have www.parkeddomain.com or
 Payment by Cheque
 You can pay for your account with Cheque. Please allow for up to one week of processing. For your convenience we would recommend paying for a year in advance.
 What are your uptime guarantees?
  As a commitment to our effort in providing a solid and reliable website hosting service, we provide a Service Level Guarantee which gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. Learn more about our Service
 What happens if I exceed my traffic limit?
 Any data transfer in excess of the plan threshold will be charged at the end of the billing period. You will be sent a notification when your traffic usage is approaching the limit, however your account will not be automatically suspended.
 What is the difference between Unix and Windows Hosting?
 Unix Hosting provides a secure and reliable environment that is perfect for most of the hosting needs, but sometimes you want to take advantage of some Windows applications such as MS Access, ASP scripting, ASP.
 The New York City servers provides more traffic allowance because the cost of traffic is lower in GB.
 What is your policy towards spam?
  We do not tolerate any spam activities either directly or indirectly. This includes sending spam via another network with the content of the spam referring to the service (e.g. your web site) hosted on our servers. Please review our
 What sort of equipment and software are in place to ensure that my site is up?
 We understand that the quality of the equipment, network connectivity and properly maintained and secured software is of utmost importance in providing a reliable website hosting service. We have chosen a solid network facili
 What type of support do you offer?
  Web Solutions offers a wide range of technical support to help you get your website up and running. Our support starts from the very beginning at the pre-sales stage, ensuring that you have all the technical information you need to make an informed
 Where can I find a document that explains all the features in greater details?
 For shared hosting service, please review our Control Panel User's Guide


 Advanced Web Statistics (awstats) on Windows doesn't work
 AWStats / Advanced Web Statistics is a collection of Perl scripts. The script files have .pl as their extensions. In order for it to work, you need make it so .pl is interpreted by Perl. Because this is not normally enabled by default, you will
 Automatic Web Application Installations
  In the Web Options section, of Unix Based hosting accounts, you will find "Softaculous Applications". This tool is used to automatically install popular Web Applications on your
 Backup and Restore Policies
  Does Web Solutions take backups?Web Solutions performs regular back up to a separate pool of backup servers intended solely for backup storage. These backup servers
 Changing Server Platforms (Unix to Windows or Windows to Unix)
  If you wish to change your Hosting Platform, Unix to Windows or Windows to Unix, you can request this via the Platform Change section of your Control Panel.After you have requested the change, please let our support staff know so they can change t
 Create dedicated application pool for your site
 Go to Account -> Account Settings in your user CP.In the section Dedicated Application Pool, click AddEnter extension and maximum number or worker processes (THIS SHOULD BE 1)Click Web Options
 Creating a Domain Key TXT DNS Record
 You can create DNS TXT Records via the DOMAINS section of your Hosting Control Panel.When adding a Domain Key, you will need to use the following Syntax for your DNS Data:k=rsa\; t=y\; p=xxxxxxxxxxxxxPlease contact support fo
 Disk Quota Exceeded
  Sometimes on a unix host you may receive a "Disk Quota Exceeded" error when uploading a file. There can be two possible reasons for this:1. You have indeed exceeded the amount of space allocated to your account, or2. Th
 Error: Directory Listing Denied. This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.
 This error is caused by the following conditions: Directory listing (listing of the files in the directory) has been disabled There is no default page (index.html, index.htm, etc) to show If you have a unique defa
 File Mananger / Webshell Errors
  You may come across the following error when trying to access the File Manager / Webshell:"ERROR: Unable to change dir "/" Check directory permissions"
 File Permissions/Modes
 About File Modes File Mode defines the sets of permissions that are applicable to the file/directory. It defines who can read, write and execute it. File mode for cgi-bin has alw
 FrontPage Form to Email
 The FrontPage Server Extension on the server needs to know some settings to make the Form to email feature to work. Go to the Control Panel and click on FrontPage, then click on the "Edit" button next to the FrontPage Extensions. It is located in the midd
 FTP Publishing information for iWeb
  To publish a site made in iWeb, you will need to obtain the FTP information for your account. You can obtain this information via the 'FTP Manager' section of the W/S control panel.In iWeb, click on the website that you would like to publ
 Hidden Files
 In the Unix world, files starting with a dot / period are considered "hidden" files. They are not normally shown unless when you specifically want them to show up in the directory listing. This in particular affects FTP programs. When you upload
 How do I make a flash movie file to work?
 Flash Movies ending in .flv requires a special MIME type to be set up on the server. To add the MIME type:login to the control panelclick on Web OptionsClick MIME -> AddEnter .fl
 How to Change Your Passwords
  There are two passwords on our system:Control Panel password, used to login to the web based control panel interfaceFTP Password, used to login to your server to upload / download your web siteThese two passwords wer
 How to disable directory listing
 To disable directory listing (directory Indexes):Log into your control panel. Click the Web Options link. In the Settings field select Disabled for the Indexes setting. Click Submit
 How to Host a Sub-Domain on a Separate Account.
  Some people might want to host a sub-domain on a different platform than the one they are already on. In this example, the main domain, domain.com is hosted on a Windows plan. A subdomain called
 How to remove the control panel login page on my website?
  When you first signed up or added a new domain name, you will see a default temporary page with a login form to access your control panel. This page is just a HTML page that was generated and placed into your web directory as a default. The file is c
 How to renew your SSL Certificate
  How to renew your SSL Certificate Close to when your current SSL Certificate is about to expire, Web Solutions will send you a warning email to renew your certificate. To renew your certificate, log into the S
 How to set the server time/timezone
  The server time/timezone is set to GMT.You can customise your time/timezone through your scripts. Here is an example of setting your time/timzone with PHP below. Note that this will only affect the time functions within php, s
 How to test your site before pointing your domain name to Web Solutions
  Web Solutions offers Instant Access URL (aka temporary url) so you can test your web site before actually pointing your domain name (i.e. redelegating) to your Web Solutions account. This way you can be sure that your site will be working fine after
 I have just added another domain to my account. How do I see it before transferring the DNS?
 You can see the "Instant Alias URL" for this new domain in the control panel. Go to Web Options and select the new domain and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen just above the big text area.
 Internal Server Error 500
  On Unix:These errors are typically generated as a result of configuration or syntax errors in the web server configuration.On Unix hosting site specific configuration is typically placed in .htaccess files which are fundamentally an ex
 Malware Infection, Hacked Sites, Phishing, Spamming and Clean Up Procedure
  Malware Infection, Hacked Sites, Phishing, Spamming If your web site has been infected or hacked with malware, phishing or sending out spam, please read this article.   How to Clean Up Your
 Moving A Web Site from Plesk to Web Solutions
  This article explains how to move an Account from Plesk to Web Solutions's systemThings to know:Web Solutions provides a temporary URL that you can use to test your web site on Web Solutions's server,
 Performing Telnet Connectivity tests
 Telnet is a tool that allows you to test connections to a variety of TCP based services on hosting and mailservers.TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol in the most simplest of terms means it's a reliable way of transferring data
 Publishing with MS FrontPage
 To publish using Microsoft FrontPage, you need to enable the FrontPage Extensions on your web site. To do this, go to your control panel and click Frontpage under the Web Server section. Alternatively you can click on
 Refreshing to See The Changes on Your Site
 Sometimes after uploading a new page, you still see the old page on your site. This problem is commonly experienced by people who are sitting behind a proxy imposed by their ISP. Although your browser might not have a specific settings for the
 Resource Limit Exceeded and general CloudLinux information
  Many of our servers are running an operating system known as CloudLinux. The benefit to clients hosted on a CloudLinux server is that the system's resources cannot be monopolised by one user which ensures a fair use to all accounts/websites hosted. Shar
 Submitting a support ticket to Web Solutions's Tech Support team.
  Submitting a support ticket to Web Solutions's Tech Support team. Tickets to tech support can be submitted via Web Solutions’s support site:
 Uploading / Publishing Your Site
  There are several ways to upload your site, the most common method is via FTP. FTP (This is the preferred method) Web Shell FrontPage Publishing SCP (for advanced users on Unix account) rsync (f
 Using FrontPage Components
 Normally when you are adding the FrontPage component on a disk-based FrontPage site, the component added will not work, even after publishing the site to a FrontPage enabled server. What you should do ideally is install a local web server with
 Web Site Statistics Terminology and Explanation
  The following information came from webalizer quick help, however the terminology applies to other statistics such as awstats as well. Main Headings