Web Hosting

Web Solutions offers web hosting service on servers that are New York City based.

Why Use Web Solution's Web Hosting Server?

Faster Speed

When hosting your web site on our servers, your customers will experience a much more responsive and faster loading time of your web site.

The faster speed is due to the fact that the time for a small ping packet to reach an server is typically between 6ms - 40ms, compared to 200-300ms when your web site is hosted in USA.

While this difference seems small, it has the compounding effect when you have tens of kilobytes of data per page on your web site.

You and your web site visitors can definitely tell that it's a big difference.

This is the main reason why our customers prefer to use our hosting.

Redundant Connectivity

Our web hosting service is connected to multiple Tier-1 backbones for the highest on-shore throughput and reliability.

This enables us to provide optimal routing to any local, as well as the rest of the world.

Highest Quality Data Centre

Web Solution's servers are located in a world class data centre in New York City, run by an ServerStack data centre company. This means that our servers are running in a secure, controlled and optimum environment thanks to the world class data centre management. Standard features of the data centre includes dozens of domestic and international carriers through multiple fibre links to the building, biometric security system with two stage entry, state of the art power and environment system (cooling, fire and smoke detection - VESDA) and structured cabling.

For more info on the data centre and our network connectivity of Web Solution's hosting, please see our Network and Data Centre page.

Single Domain Web Hosting Packages
Single Domain Web Hosting Affordable Hosting from $4.95
A cost effective web hosting for a single web site

True Multi Domain Web Hosting Packages
PHP Web Hosting Unix/PHP Web Hosting
Ideal for PHP web hosting with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
Windows Hosting Windows Web Hosting
Ideal for ASP and ASP.NET Hosting with optional SQL Server databases

VPS - Virtual Private Server
Virtual Server Hosting VPS - Virtual Private Server Hosting
Affordable high performance - high security virtual private server.
Seamless upgrade from shared hosting.